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Blockbuster films, TV hits, restored golden Hollywood classics, Oscar winners, British heritage, documentaries… and Alastair Sim! This month is bubbling over with top quality entertainment, out now or coming soon on DVD. What will you watch next?

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Mrs Lowry & Son


Vanessa Redgrave and Timothy Spall play the title characters in this film biopic of a national treasure, the painter LS Lowry. The film deals with his struggle to devote time to his art while caring for his elderly, and difficult, mother.


Seven Worlds One Planet


If you haven't already seen this on BBC One, you're one of the very few people in the country who's missed out on David Attenborough's latest natural history offering. This remarkable series presents the true character of each continent through landscapes and animal life. It's a wonder to watch and it's worth catching up on.


The African Queen

The Oscar winning golden age of Hollywood romantic classic stars Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn in their only screen pairing.


Bogart won an Oscar for his performance as a gin-drinking river trader who agrees to help the prissy missionary escape from the Germans in WWI East Africa.


The Name of the Rose

John Turturro and Rupert Everett star in this ravishing adaptation of Umberto Eco’s bestselling religious murder investigation.


A monk-turned-detective tries to unravel mysterious murders at an Italian abbey in the early 14th century. But he risks the wrath of a powerful Inquisitor who has been sent by the Pope himself.

Landscapes of England Series 1 & 2

Professor W.G. Hoskins’ 1955 book The Making of The English Landscape examined the human influence on England’s landscapes at a regional level. These two series became a visual accompaniment to his ground-breaking work.

First broadcast on BBC Two in 1976, Hoskins travels from Cornwall to Northumberland – and everywhere in between – exploring and explaining the origins of the country’s extraordinary landscapes.


Catherine the Great

Helen Mirren dominates this four-part historical Sky drama, playing the German-born Empress of Russia, Catherine the Great. The lavish series focuses on her life towards the end of her reign. Jason Clarke stars as her great – and scandalous – love Grigory Potemkin.

Amid scandal, intrigue and immense conflict, Russian empress Catherine the Great develops a unique and devoted relationship with Grigory Potemkin as they overcome their adversaries and serve as the architects of modern-day Russia.

As Mirren herself said: “She rewrote the rules of governance by a woman, and succeeded to the extent of having the word “Great” attached to her name.”


Green for Danger

Classic British murder-mystery, starring Alastair Sim as Inspector Cockrill. An eccentric and irreverent detective investigates a truly baffling murder case in a small village, as German bombs rain down in WWII. Sim’s co-stars include Trevor Howard, Rosamund John and Sally Gray.



A babysitter finds herself alone with her charge in an isolated gothic mansion, when the child's father, an escaped homicidal sex maniac from a nearby psychiatric institute comes calling. The telephone is out of order and the search party are battling extreme weather. This 1970s British thriller is a horror classic starring Susan George, Honor Blackman and George Cole.


The cast also includes Dennis Waterman, who later teamed up with George Cole in Minder!

Great Canal Journeys Series 6

Actors and companions Timothy West and Prunella Scales embark on spectacular canal journeys for a sixth series. The Channel Four travelogues have captured viewers hearts. Not only does the series invite us to join the pair on their travels, both in the UK and abroad (as far as India), it has also shared the couple's enduring marriage with us along the way. It's a bittersweet and beautiful study of love and loss as Prunella Scale's Alzheimer's disease progresses.

"So a saga that has been – quietly, let’s not make a fuss about it – one of the greatest love stories on TV seems to be over," – Guardian


Hitsville: The Making of Motown

Founder Berry Gordy and Smokey Robinson take us on a celebratory tour of Detroit’s legendary Motown label (and 20th century cultural phenomenon), focusing on its glory years, from it’s birth in the 1950s to the early 1970s, when Gordy relocated the company to Los Angeles.

The remarkable story is the first documentary about the iconic studio to be made with Gordy’s participation. It is told through behind-the-scenes footage unearthed from Motown's vaults, rare performance footage and new and exclusive interviews with the label's visionary founder and many of its superstar artists and creative figures.

Featuring John Legend, Lamont Dozier, Jamie Foxx, Neil Young, Martha Reeves and many more!


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