12 Gifts for 12 Types of Dad

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Our complete guide to 'Dads' and what to gift them this Father's Day

Father's Day is around the corner and if like us, you’ve left present shopping until last minute and are in need of a bit of inspiration, we've come to your rescue (like we're sure your dad has done many times). Yes, the day is meant to be about celebrating the man who makes up one half of you, but it’s also an opportunity to show him exactly what you think of him.

Even if he did embarrass you with his shorts, socks and sandals, or worse, tried to get down with the kids and wear your clothes when your friends came around. Not to mention the family holidays during which he joined in the belly dancing entertainment, shamelessly shaking his typically English beer belly whilst you watched on, mortified that your hot crush, the talk dark and handsome Spanish bar-tender, would be scared off by his potential new father-in-law. And then there's that strange accent he adopted when talking loudly to the locals (they're not deaf, dad!) that could only be described as blend between yodelling and Borat.

He did change your poo-y nappies for the first two years of your life (at least), trusted you with his car (and life) in an Aldi car park, bailed you out when you spent your whole student loan in the first week of university, sat through your four hour graduation ceremony (ok, he slept through most of it) and still rings you to let you know about the best offers on beer at the supermarket. For all of that, we think he deserves a little something.

But what sort of Dad is yours? Well, a recent study claimed that there are three types of modern father; Provider Dads, Super-Sub Dads or Carer Dads. Because we know there are many more we conducted our own scientific study looking at DNA, psychology and numerous sociological factors to determine the most recognisable forms of fatherhood…

Okay, so our study wasn’t quite as thorough as that – we just asked around our office  –  nevertheless, we compiled our own list of the most common types of Dads we have. See if you can find our own dad below and you'll find the perfect DVD gift to give him this Father's Day…


The Hipster Dad

He was always super laid-back when you were growing up, maybe a little too laid back and left you in the supermarket once or twice before realising you were missing. They he resorted to himself to you with a scarf. Nowadays he rides around on his bike in his Green Peace vest and harem shorts, emails you petitions about anything from funding organic quinoa famrs to making McDonalds vegan. 

We're sure Trainspotting is already one his favourite films, but why not add it to his DVD collection! Oh, and we reckon he’d appreciate a pack of sunflower seeds as a complimentary gift to snack on whilst he enjoys his DVD (you can thank us later).


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Or if this is already a part of his film collection, you can check out MovieMail where you will find hundreds of Indie and Foreign film titles that we know he will love! 

The Octogenarian

He’s been trying to teach you how to play bridge since you were a child, you always have to help him with his crosswords as he’s not quite up-to-date with the 2018 dictionary (don’t even try to explain what an emoji is) and now that he has FINALLY learnt how to send a text – after much patience on your part – he signs them off ‘yours sincerely’. His hearing may be on the decline and he often mistakes you for one of your siblings but one thing that remains fresh in his memory is WW2 . As his war stories invade every family gathering (don’t even start on the rationing) here's a great excuse to watch something together.

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The Big Kid AKA the ‘kidult’

As a child you quite enjoyed the fact your Dad was more like your peer than your parent, but now you are an adult too, you can start to understand your mum’s embarrassment and frustration that she gained an extra child when she had you (and your siblings). When you tried do adult things like shop for washing machines, your dad wanted to play hide and seek in the showrooms, when you wanted mortgage advice, he wanted to show you his new electric car and when you told him you were going to be a dad for the first time, the first thing he did was order a Santa outfit to play dress up for his grandchild to be.  

Early Man

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The Bargain Buster

He knows the exact day and time each supermarket begins to promote their reduced-price stock and he will be there waiting in line to get the best deal on Tesco’s finest asparagus. And your parents house? They have enough mouth wash to prepare for an apocalypse and with so many tinned tomato’s about the place, the only conclusion must be that is saving for his great-great-great grandchildren. But hey, maybe he’s putting all of that spare change into his will and if we do ever suffer a nuclear attack, you know he is prepared.

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The Tough-Love Dad

It wasn’t just you who was scared of him growing up but all of your friends and teachers (which you of course used to your advantage) but as you got older it made introducing him to potential partners rather difficult. You often hated him for being so hard on you and felt like you couldn’t get anything right but now, in hindsight, can acknowledge he was just doing his best to show you that he loved you and get the best out of you (even if you don’t agree with his techniques).

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The Handy-man

He’s king of DIY – or at least that’s what his impressive set of tools would suggest but the reality is, he breaks more things than he fixes. That doesn’t stop him racing to your house whenever you say there’s an issue. Whether it’s plumbing or the electrics, your dad thinks he can fix it but it’s hard to say no to his enthusiasm – he’s only trying to be helpful after all. Why not steer him out of the house and into the garden with this DVD. It’ll keep him busy, make him feel useful and best of all, there’s little damage he can there.

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Or see our complete collection of gardening DVDs

The Over-Protective Pops

He still calls every day to check-up on you even though you’re an adult with a family of your own. As a kid it was worse – he would have you wearing a life-jacket and surgical mask in public if your mum had caved in. It was your teenage years that stood out to you the most as he struggled with the transition of his youngster growing up which meant you had to sneak out the house, or stuff a change of clothes into your bag because skirts were a no-no. And as for dating, he's a prospective partner's worst nightmare, questioning them as if they were trying to get UK residence. And God help anyone you offends you. He'll be straight on their case, turning up at your workplace to confront your manager or mean co-worker. Now you avoid telling him about any problems you might be having. There were the benefits though like having your own personal chauffer and we think that is deserving enough to be treated this Father's Day.

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The Fitness Freak

When you were a kid you thought it was cool that your dad was into sports – especially when he would win every parent contest on sports day. He taught you how to dribble a ball, took you to your first games, was your biggest fan when you had matches and made sure you always had someone to train with.  He even took over coaching your sports teams! But, nowadays it’s slightly embarrassing and intimidating that there isn’t a sport he wouldn’t beat you in and has better abs than you have ever had but deep down you know that it keeps him happy and healthy which are the most important things right? But maybe point him in the direction of something a little less strenuous and age appropriate this Fathers Day.

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The Potty-Mouth

When it comes to your dad there is simply no filter. It doesn’t matter where he is or who is around, he will say exactly what he thinks, in the least polite, politically correct way possible – of course to your horror. As a kid your friends thought it was hilarious and even quite cool that he’d swear in front of you, but to you it was mortifying. Now, years (and lots of ill-timed f-bombs) later, you are glad to say you have survived your dads potty-mouth. He didn’t manage to master keeping his words clean when you were a kid, but the big question is will he manage it with your kids?

The Wolf Of Wall Street

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The Big Softy

He weeps at every pinnacle moment and let's be honest, the not-so-pinnacle ones too. Tears are shed at birthdays, exam results day, your graduation, your first job offer, and whilst it was a tad embarrassing, you know it’s because he’s proud. But you drew the line when the waterworks are turned on during Antiques Roadshow. As the the push-over parent he was your go to for your more over-the-top requests, instead of your mum because when it comes to you, he just can’t say no.

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The Hoover

Who needs Henry when they’ve got your dad? He is quite literally a human hoover – you only have to look away from your plate for a second and he’s already helping himself to your roast potatoes. It doesn’t matter if it’s a half-eaten, slobber covered burger on your plate – he won’t let that go to waste. It started off when you were a baby, with him occasionally wiping your face clean with his hand and licking his fingers. Now you wonder if his true motive was to eat the left overs collected at the corners of your mouth. Regardless, he clearly loves food so why not get him into the kitchen and making some new meals (so he doesn’t have to steal yours!).

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The Car fanatic

You were once his pride and joy, but you have learnt to take second place to his new baby – his car. Drag him away from Pamela (or whatever name he's given to his precious set of wheels) with this classic cars DVD that will no doubt satisfy his car obsession!  

Classic British Cars

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