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World Cup fever is everywhere! It dominates the nation’s TV screens. Newspaper headlines shout it’s ‘Coming Home’. There are lions in groups of three all over the place. Which is all very well and good if you’re a football fan – but what if you’re not?

Whether your team from your work’s sweep has gone out, or you’ve lost interest (hardly surprising when we’ve been subjected to SO much football) or you hated it from the moment the first national anthem was sung, we know there is an army out there, avoiding pubs (and the football fanatics in your life) for the duration of the World Cup. And if like us, Love Island is also not your cup of tea, we are here to save the goal – I mean day!

Substitute the footie (pun intended) for a box set to binge on until it's all over (and beyond). We have hundreds to choose from.

And in support of all of you who aren't cheering from the side lines/pubs/your sofas, we are giving 15% off ALL box. Simply use code BINGEBOXES at the checkout until the final whistle of World Cup 2018!



Admittedly, this is a legal drama as far removed from reality as they get – but it’s arguably one of the most entertaining – and if you’re after pure, entertaining escapism with dashes of intrigue, this more than delivers.

Mike Ross accidently stumbles into an interview at a top New York law firm, Pearson Hardman with cocky and charming, yet none-the-less successful lawyer, Harvey Specter. Pearson Hardman pride themselves in getting the best of the best with all their associates being Harvard graduates… except Mike Ross isn’t a Harvard grad, he is a college dropout who ended up at the interview by chance when a drug deal goes wrong. He’s not daft though. Won over by his charm risk-taker decides to hire Mike.

It’s got the perfect mix of drama and laughs, but it’s not all powerful, privileged men in suits; in fact, the show is full of female empowerment and sass.

And the icing on the cake? It stars our own Meghan Markle, now Duchess of Sussex and married to Princess Diana’s youngest son, Prince Harry.


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Within these Walls

If you want something nostalgic to binge on, Within These Walls is the hard-hitting hit British TV drama that aired between 1974 and 1978. The groundbreaking show depicted life in HMP Stone Park, a fictional women's prison that didn’t shy away from dark and controversial storylines.

Unlike most prison dramas, the storylines weren’t limited to the inmates, but involved the prison staff as well. Googie Withers plays Faye Boswell, the newly appointed principled and empathetic governor, who, to the disapproval of her predecessors and colleagues, takes a more liberal and sympathetic approach to the management and rehabilitation of the inmates in an attempt to move away from more traditional punishment. The narrative focuses around the trials she faces, both in her new role, and in her home life.

This intense, emotional and authentic box set features the complete collection on 21 disks.


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A Place to Call Home

The acclaimed, multi award-winning Australian TV drama series set in rural New South Wales during the Second World War. The show will come to a finale in August when the sixth series is due to start – but don’t worry, you have the whole of July to binge-watch and catch up in time for it’s premier.

It’s a period piece, packed with fashions, style and post-war cars of the era, dealing with storylines of loss, love, social change, and secrets, featuring an endearing and determined heroine, a generous, kind-hearted and charming hero.

The drama follows Sarah Adams (Marta Dusseldorp) who returns to Australia after 20 years in France in an attempt to heal from the trauma of World War II repair her relationship with her estranged mother. She soon becomes involved with a complicated and wealthy family, the Bligh’s,  who harbour a dark secret. It’s not long before she falls for widower, George Bligh (Brett Climo).

“The witty and stylish show represents a time that, with some sense of paradox, celebrated respectable family life and clean living while also becoming aware of the limitations of these ideals; moral unease and neuroses were hidden beneath the surface of respectable society.” – NY Times.



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The BBC have started teasing us with trailers for series 5 and we can’t cope with the anticipation and the question that everyone keeps asking – will Alice, played by the fabulous Ruth Wilson, return?

The shows lead actor, Golden Globe winner Idris Elba, who plays John Luther, has hinted that she may be but all details about the highly awaited series have been kept under wraps. Ok, let’s roll it back for those of you who haven’t watched Luther, yet (what’s wrong with you?!).

The dark psychological crime series is set in the London SCU (serious crimes unit) where talented DCI Luther take on some of the worst crimes (and criminals) the city has seen. He’s talented, dedicated, obsessive and highly impulsive which can also be his downfall. His tactics are often questionable and prove a dangerous combination with his finely tuned intuition and instinct, putting him in situations that compromise not only his career, but his life.

John Luther isn’t the only character we love, even though we know we shouldn’t. Alice Morgan, was a child prodigy who, at 13, enrolled at Oxford University and at 18 gained her Ph.D. in Astrophysics. She’s part genius, part sociopathic narcissist who uses her brilliant brain to manipulate her way into the investigation of her parents murder, led by Luther. Alice becomes his unlikely sidekick. They’re equally fascinated by each other, and equally wary. Their mesmerising, almost hypotonic chemistry plays a significant part in the compelling, addictive nature of the series.


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The Killing meets Borgen with hints of Sex in the City, in this Danish Nordic-noir crime series.

The story follows Dicte, a strong but stubborn female journalist who refuses to give up her story until she has answers as she sets out to investigate the dangerous crimes she is reporting on to the irritation of her bad-tempered but loyal police source, John Wagner. Like Sarah Linden in The Killing, Dicte is a single mum to a teenager. She moves from Copenhagen to her home town of Aarhus with her teenage daughter after a chaotic divorce, in part to escape her clingy ex.

This isn’t your typical crime drama, though, because the full-on drama comes from the storylines revolving around Dicte’s complicated and thrilling personal life. 


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Spiral is the French police TV thriller series that has been described as the French’s answer to The Wire – but darker!  It follows the day-to-day lives of six members of the Parisian judicial system (a police captain and her two lieutenants, a judge, a prosecutor and a lawyer) as they deal with corruption, gang violence and horrific crimes.

Reality spirals out of control for each character and quickly the boundaries between private and professional lives become increasingly blurred. With its nail-biting suspense, its constant tension, Spiral is a furiously-paced crime series. It’s now six series deep with the final episode finish at the start of Spring so provides plenty for you to catch up with.

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And if none of these titles are your cuppa-tea, we've have prepared a quiz to help you to select the perfect box set for you or shop our complete collection of box sets


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