A Grandparents Guide: Six Film Or TV Shows To Survive The Summer Holidays

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School’s out and the summer holidays have arrived which means museums, theatres, parks, libraries, leisure centres and every other public attraction you can think of will be taken over by excited, hyper-active, and often sugar-fuelled children and their parents, desperate to find things to keep them occupied over the 6-week break.

We sympathise with the parents who, despite having a break from work, are unlikely to be getting those much needed lie-ins, lazy days and free choice over how their days will be spent. Instead, having every minute of their day dictated to them by their off-spring.

But it’s the Grandparents (aka Grandchildren dumping ground) screaming ‘we didn’t sign-up for this’ that we feel for the most. You dreamt of a relaxing retirement made up of cruises, walking holidays, spa’s and other outdoor leisure pursuits, thinking you had finally escaped the children who consumed your lives for 18+ years, but instead have been lumbered with their children’s children. Whether they’re working throughout the summer and are using you for free childcare or they’ve left them with you whilst they have gone on a romantic child-free get-away (how dare they!) – you are suddenly left panicking about what to do with your beloved Grandchildren.

Times have changed since your children were actually children and now you’re left wondering what you’re supposed to do with them? The days where you could leave them to play out on the street or know they’d be content climbing trees or playing in the garden are pretty much extinct – they’d now rather be sat in front of a screen (one of the many that exist today from phones and iPads, and of course, the now seemingly accient TV sets). Thankfully for you (and us), films haven’t gone out of fashion just yet and still the ultimate way to keep those delightful little humans occupied, whilst giving you some peace and quite and ensuring your house isn’t destroyed during their visit.

We have compiled our top list of film and TV titles to help our every type of Grandparent this summer.


The ‘might as well be their parent’ Grandparent
Although you didn’t produce, or give birth to your Grandchildren, you might as well have given how much time you spend with the little buggers (we mean sweethearts). You may have thought you’d done your share of parenting when your kids were little - but you were clearly mistaken. It was definitely not a coincidence that your retirement coincided with your children’s introduction to parenthood. You pick them up from school, you have them at weekends, in the holidays, take them to birthday parties and provide the catering and birthday cakes for their parties. You see them so much that people have mistaken you for their parent so you are constantly looking for new things to do with them having exhausted every game you own and can recite the lines to every DVD you have, having watched them so often. Now you’re on the prowl for something new & engaging to keep them occupied over the summer. This fun, but educational box set is the answer to all your worries!


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The creative Grandparent
You are a strong believer that technology is ruining today’s childhoods and want to enforce some old fashioned fun for your Grandkids. You don’t have the stamina for rounders anymore, and the idea of rescuing a child from a tree puts you off of outdoorsy activities but fear not, there are plenty of indoors activities that will get their creative juices flowing that you can learn with this fab to-do film. We are sure this isn’t the first time you have tried arts and crafts or cooking with them, but maybe you were put off the idea from the time the rascals destroyed your kitchen or covered your walls with paint handprints - but you can try again with something less likely to cause a need to redecorate and that is guaranteed to give them something fun but positive to engage with over the summer.



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The naughty nanny (or Granddad)
Are you one of the grandparents who have found yourself doing the things you preached about not doing to your children when they were young? Whether you’re doing it intentionally to antagonise (we are all guilty of it although we'll adamantly deny it), or honestly believe that parents wrap their children in wool too much nowadays and are forgetting to have fun, you’re the one who reminds the children that you only live once! Late bedtimes, an endless supply of biscuits and even a cheeky shot of brandy (as far as you’re concerned it’s not going to kill them - your kids wouldn’t have slept as babies without it and they turned out alright), you give them everything their parents refuse to. If this sounds like you, we know this cheeky cartoon will keep you and your Grandchildren entertained.


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The cool grandparent 
They keep you young and you love it - from learning about hip hop (Judi Dench’s rap with UK grime artist Lethal Bizzle inspired you and made it socially acceptable), to being taught all the latest dance moves from twerking to flossing, you like to stay ‘down with the kids’ and refuse to act your age - 70 is the new 30 right? You're tech-savy making sure you keep up with the all the new apps & trends to help you keep up-to-date with what they're up to from Facebook to FaceTime because you know how quickly they grow (it feels like yesterday your babies were babies!).


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The worrier
The world isn’t what it used to be - you leave your kids at home alone and out on the street to play for hours back in the day but it just isn’t done anymore. Nowadays you worry about sending them to the shop and with technology there are just so many more risks. From cyber bullying to online predators, there is more opportunity than ever before for the wrong people to come into contact with your beloved grandchildren and it scares the life out of you. We can reassure you that you will have nothing to worry about with this classic movie that will bring smiles to the whole family.

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The scary grandparent 
You were strict as a parent but are even stricter as a Grandparent. You can say pretty outrageous things, and although in part that is just you, you also play up to it because you quite like being the scary Grandparent whose Grandchildren don’t beg to visit them weekly. It keeps them all at a distance, just the way you like it. But of course, you can’t keep them away forever and the summer holidays is the inevitable time where you have to take responsibility for your Grand-parenting duties but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with it. This scary nostalgic box set will not just keep them entertained but you also as you watch their reactions!

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