Celebrating Sir David Attenborough

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Hip! Hip! Hooray! We're celebrating David Attenborough

For over 50 years, Sir David Attenborough has delighted and inspired millions of viewers with his passion for the natural world and the future of the planet.

Our collection brings together his most memorable wildlife encounters and finest achievements, and you can remind yourself of some of his landmark documentaries in our editor’s picks below.

Sit back and enjoy the master at work and you'll see our planet as you’ve never seen before.

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Frozen Planet

David Attenborough takes you on the ultimate polar expedition into a breathtaking landscape most of us will never experience, particularly as it is changing forever. The effects of global warming are more evident in the Arctic and Antarctic than anywhere else on the planet. Venture to the most extreme and remote parts of our planet, go deep under the ice into a magical world of giants, plunge into the heart of an erupting polar volcano and fly to the South Pole across the Antarctic ice cap. Get closer than ever before to the lives of charismatic animal characters and witness extraordinary examples of survival against the odds.

Epic and ambitious, this is undoubtedly a trip of a lifetime!


Blue Planet I & II

This BAFTA-winning guide to the world's oceans covers everything from popular shores and teeming shallows to the mysterious open depths. Two-thirds of the planet is covered by the oceans and yet they remain largely unexplored and certainly under-filmed. These two series changes all that and subsequently changes our views of the deep. Advances in underwater photography have opened the doors to unknown territories, and reveals species, behaviour and habitats never before explored.

Series II has had a revolutionary impact on our behaviour as it took an unflinching look at the impact of human activity on marine life, with David Attenborough delivering a powerful rallying call to do more to protect the environment. The campaign to eliminate plastic is well underway, thanks to the ‘Blue Planet effect’.

Enjoy this longer version of the trailer, made for BBC America, featuring a soundtrack by Radiohead and Hans Zimmer.



A breathtaking10-part blockbuster presenting the spectactular and extraordinary tactics animals and plants have developed to stay alive. Watch evolution brought to life as individual creatures under extreme pressure overcome challenges from adversaries and their environment, pushing the boundaries of behaviour.

The cinematography is mind-boggling as we watch astonishingly beautiful sequences such as birds dancing on the water’s surface in dazzling displays of courtship; and fish outwitting predators by using their fins to fly; and so much more!

More than four years in the making, Life was filmed over 3000 days.


Planet Earth I & II

Attenborough presents planet Earth as you’ve never seen it before. Four years in the making, it’s an emotional and enlightening journey across the globe, and a definitive exploration of the diversity of life on our planet. From the towering peaks of Nepal, the lush Amazon, the sculpted dryness of the Sahara to the glistening polar icecaps, this is a mesmerizing reminder of how truly remarkable our world is.

Filmed ten years after the original series, Planet Earth II enables us to experience the world from the viewpoint of the animals themselves. Travelling through jungles, deserts, mountains, islands, grasslands and cities, this series explores the unique characteristics of Earth’s most iconic habitats and the extraordinary ways animals survive within them.


Attenborough at 90

Sir David Attenborough talk to presenter Kirsty Young about his life and career. Filmed in front of a live audience and with special guests joining them on stage, Kirsty and David discuss the many pivotal moments of his life, from collecting fossils in the Lake District during his childhood through to his travels around the world and most memorable encounters with wildlife. Featuring contributions from friends and colleagues including Michael Palin and Chris Packham.


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