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Valentine's Day is fast approaching, if you hadn’t already noticed the rose petals saturating shop windows and overflowing on restaurant tables in preparation for what is arguably one of the most sentimental days of the year.

Whether they’ll admit it or not, most people can’t help but get lured into all the soppy adverts consuming their television screens or popping up as they browse the internet.

It’s easy to get carried away on Valentine's Day but we know that you don’t have to spend a lot to make sure the day is special, and nothing beats a night in with a good DVD, a take-away (or home cooked meal if you want to go that extra mile) and a glass of wine (or two!).  

To help you plan the perfect Valentine's date-night we have compiled a selection of films that could be your perfect match, whatever your relationship status might be.


The one with commitment issues

You thought they were the one. They seemed perfect, they probably still do. You finish off each others sentences, you know when they’re mad without being told, you know how they like their eggs in the morning, you've shared toothbrushes and even go to the loo with the door left open. Everything spells out 'couple' but when it comes to taking the next step, they avoid it like the plague. Whether it’s making it official, moving in together, buying a house, getting married or having kids – they just can't seem to commit and it’s driving you insane.


Mr/Mrs playing-hard-to-get

Now, it’s important here to point out that NO means NO (that has been capitalised for emphasis) - some people are just not interested and you have to take the hint.

But there are undeniably those who enjoy playing hard-to-get and forget to give you the rule book to their childish game. They would have a first class degree in flirting if they could. Everything seems great when you’re texting but they avoid organising a date, or ,when they do, they cancel at the last minute. On the rare occasion that they do turn up, they suddenly seem disinterested. Then, when you’re back to texting from your beds, they suddenly seem like your number one fan and they're back on their A+ flirting form.

You just can't keep up and we would advise you to stay away...far, far away. But if you like that kind of thing and decide to organise a Valentines date with them, this is the perfect film to show them that it really doesn't need to be as hard as they like to make it. 


The friend with benefits

You have been friends for a while and love their company. They make you laugh, you have the same circle of friends, you have the same taste in music and political beliefs and, to top it all off, you think they’re hot (or at least relatively attractive).

While these sounds like the perfect ingredients for a relationship, you ‘don’t want to ruin your friendship’, so what do you do?

You decide that sleeping with them, no strings attached, is the answer. So you meet up, have your fun but don’t put any label on it – until one of you falls in love and want more and then your friendship really is put at jeopardy.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.



The friend you want to be more than friends with (AKA the friend you wana...)

Whenever you spend time with them in a group, everyone asks when you’re getting together. People who don’t know you think that you already are an item.

You're so in harmony, you even behave like a couple. Yet, neither of you have made a move on the other because you genuinely don’t want to ruin the friendship and you're afraid that one false note could do just that.

Despite the fact that you’re not actually in a relationship, you do all the things you would if you were, including spending Valentines together and joke about having an anti-Valentine's evening out! Maybe now is time to drop a subtle hint about where your friendship could go. Here's how…



The fairy-tale love

Maybe you were childhood sweethearts who beat all odds and made it work. Or maybe you met later on in life and something just clicked – you found your soul-mate, the person you know you will grow old with and it’s not that you have become so intoxicated with love that you've been blinded, everyone else sees it too.




You make everyone you know – your friends, your kids, even strangers – cringe with your public displays of affection. Kissing, holding hands and cuddling in public are matter-of-fact to you. Affection in verbal form with sugary-sweet compliments make those within hearing range either slightly nauseous or perhaps secretly jealous, as they wish that they too could have your kind of love.



The sex is to good too go

Your relationship has been dead for a long time and you both know it. Perhaps it's because you argue constantly, and it's not the healthy type of bickering. We're talking the toxic and damaging screaming matches that often result in a dramatic break-up, with one of you saying that this time it’s the last time – but it never is.

Or, maybe the spark has simply gone. There’s no chemistry anymore. You're staying together because breaking up takes effort.

Or perhaps the only keeping you together is the sex. If you're determined to make the relationship work (outside of the bedroom, at least) this Valentine's could be the best time to try and rekindle the true love you once shared.



The long distance relationship

Both of you really love each other and the fact that you are making it work despite the distance is a testament to that. Whether one of you has to work away, is studying in another city or has family priorities such as a sick parent who needs their care, you rarely wake up together or come home to each other every night. And that’s tough.

With that in mind, it’s even more important to make Valentine's special and enjoy this quality time together with a film that will remind you of how lucky you are to have the other.


The one that (nearly) got away

You knew they were perfect for you and they knew it too but for whatever reason, you broke up. Maybe the timing or circumstances were wrong, and neither of you were to blame. Whatever the reason, you eventually got back together and the time apart has made you stronger together today. But it’s still worth reminding each other of what you almost lost.


The boss you really shouldn’t be sleeping with

You’re playing with fire and you know it. It’s not just your career and professional reputation that’s on the line here, it’s your heart.

Everyone warned you, but of course you didn’t listen because you weren’t thinking with your head when you jumped into bed with you boss!

You don’t really know where it’s going or how it’s going to end, but what you do know is you don’t want it to end anytime soon and are enjoying it whilst it lasts – and who knows, with some sacrifices, maybe they could be the one.



Wishing you and your chosen one a very entertaining Valentine's Day. Perhaps you shouldn't just celebrate once a year. Make every day Valentine's Day!

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