In Memory of Rosemary Leach: 18th December 1935 – 21st October 2017

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It fills the Simply Media team with great sadness to hear the news that the much adored actress Rosemary Leach, passed away over the weekend after a short illness at the age of 81 as announced by her agent, Caroline de Wolfe.

Rosemary is best known for her BAFTA nominated roles in A Room with a View and That’ll Be the Day but stared in countless titles including The Prince of Denmark, No, that’s me over here, Charmer and Cider with Rosie amongst many more. The British actress, married to actor Colin Starkey, has had a royal career, performing across film, tv, stage and radio often portraying British royalty playing Queen Victoria in the four-part series Disraeli as well as playing Queen Elizabeth three times. She certainly had a charm that she brought to her performances, and her talents were recognised when she won an Olivier Award in the play 84 Charing Cross Road.


Take a look at some of her best moments: 































 Rosemary Leach alongside Ronnie Corbett in The Prince of DenmarkL

Rosemary Leach starred alongside Ronnie Corbett in the 1974 series The Prince of Denmark


Rosemary Leach in The Charmer, 1986

Rosemary Leach in The Charmer (1986)


Rosemary Leach in Now Look Here, 1970s

Rosemary appeared alongside Ronnie Corbett in Now Look Here in the 1970s

Rosemary Leach as Queen Elizabeth

Rosemary Leach as Queen Elizabeth

Rosemary Leach BAFTA nominated performance in Room with a view

Rosemary in her BAFTA nominated performance for A Room With A View


Rosemary in The Powergame (1966)

Rosemary in Heartbeat (2005)





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