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Millions of us are stuck at home during The Lockdown. It’s the right thing to do even though it’s getting a little boring. Some of us are beginning to feeling disconnected, lonely and a little impatient.

New forms of distraction are springing up daily – there are online courses to learn new skills or exercise classes to get fitter. You can even visit the world’s art galleries and museums at the click of mouse.

At Simply, we know storytelling is one of the oldest and best forms of entertainment and we’ve been looking through our shelves of timeless classics, because what better time is there than now to take a stroll down nostalgia lane and revisit film and TV favourites.

With popular long-running favourites and collections of blockbuster adaptations; lavish opera productions, epic award-winning history documentaries, art & architecture and vintage BBC comedy classics, you’ll find yourself in very good company.

We’ve also included several modern TV series (tomorrow’s classics today, we call them). Plus, we also have a nostalgic cult quiz show from the 1980s!

With all these extra hours to fill each day, what will you watch next?


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Survivors - Series 1-3   

Terry Nation's post-apocalyptic drama series, broadcast by the BBC between 1975 to 1977, was one of the most popular series of the decade.

Can you remember the title sequence?

The Wire – Complete

TV crime epic that's widely regarded as the greatest piece of television that has ever been made. And widely cited by many as their number one box set to catch up on. Now's your chance!

Dominic West stars in this HBO drama set in the drug-ridden streets of West Baltimore where there are good guys and there are bad guys. Sometimes you need more than a badge to tell them apart.

Show me more TV detectives on DVD


Betjeman – The Collection     

The multi-talented Sir John Betjeman was one of television's most memorable personalities.

This box set includes three of Betjemans finest BBC documentary series to celebrate his legacy and extraordinary work: A Passion for Churches, A Birds Eye View and Four with Betjeman: Victorian Architects and Architecture. Each programme showcases Betjemans infectious enthusiasm for architecture, and the enduring appeal that he still has today. 


The Fredrick Forsyth Collection 

Can the cast get any starrier for these six adaptations of the bestselling author’s blockbuster books? Look out for Peter Egan, Lauren Bacall, Brian Dennehy, David Threlfall, Amanda Burton, Alan Howard (in his recurring role as British secret agent Sam McCready), Beau Bridges and even Elizabeth Hurley.

A Casualty of War, Just Another Secret, Pride and Extreme Prejudice, A Little Piece of Sunshine, Death Has a Bad Reputation and The Pride of the Bride.


Ken Follett Box Set

Double bill of the epic historical mini-series' adapted from bestselling novels by Ken Follett – World Without End and Pillars of the Earth. Both period dramas are set in 13th century England, and boast a stunning cast, featuring Rufus Sewell, Donald Sutherland, Ben Chaplin, Matthew MacFadyen and Ian McShane.


Show me more literary adaptations on DVD


A Place to Call Home Series 1-6     

This sweeping romantic drama opens in 1953 and the horrors of World War II are still raw and alive in many memories. Graceful yet enigmatic nurse Sarah Adams returns to rural Australia from London to care for her estranged mother.


The Ultimate Opera Collection    

Enjoy the sound and sight of five of the world's favourite operas in your own home!

The collection features Verdi's Aida, Bizet's Carmen, Puccini's Tosca, Verdi's Nabucco and Mozart's Don Giovanni


The Brothers Complete Collection  

Now's your chance to acquaint yourself with the family saga that took Britain by storm in the 1970s!

It ran for seven series on the BBC between 1972-1976, and  audiences were gripped by the addictive tale of family tragedy, financial struggle, secrets, lies and betrayal. 

The drama opens with the death of family patriarch Robert Hammond. Tensions run high when the shares in the family’s lucrative business, Hammond Transport Services, are split not just between his three sons, but also, shockingly, with his secretary (and mistress) Jennifer.

The Adventure Game Series 1-4   

The lockdown has seen an explosion of quizzes. Whether it's a Zoom pub quiz or an online cryptic crossword, we do like a challenge. And none are more classic than this cult BBC sci-fi quiz show, widely considered the spiritual precursor to The Crystal Maze!

Join Moira Stewart, Lesley Judd, celebrity guests and a host of shape-changing space dragons on the planet Arg for a quiz show like no other.


Ken Burns: The West      

A documentary box set and a stunning history lesson all in one. Oscar-winning historian Ken Burns brings to life the challenges Americans faced in the 19th century as they embarked on westward expansion.

This superlative series is about the colonisation of the American West, packed with larger-than-life heroes and villain.

Peter Coyote narrates the story of the impact the onrushing white settlers, adventurers, and exploiters had on Native Americans and the land.

Browse our Ken Burns collection on DVD.


Doc Martin Series 1-9

The lockdown means we can't venture around the country, but that's not stopping us from bringing the country to you. Fasten your seatbelts, we're heading to Portwenn…


Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister Complete Collection

Meet the bewildered Rt Hon James Hacker, his scheming and equivocating Permanent Secretary, Sir Humphrey Appleby and of course, Bernard, the piggy-in-the-middle, on their fraught journey through the corridors of power.

Easily the sharpest political comedy ever written, with clandestine help from real civil servants, and satire that bites so close to home it sometimes seems more like a documentary. This does the impossible: it makes politics not just fun but hilariously funny.


Endeavour: Series 1-7     

Voted one of the greatest British crime dramas of all time in a Radio Times poll. It's never to late to see what all the fuss is about – especially now that you're spending more time at home!

Shaun Evans stars as DS Endeavour Morse, alongside Roger Allam as DCI Fred Thursday.

Show me more TV detectives on DVD


The Humphrey Bogart Collection

Four film classics starring the Hollywood icon: The Maltese Falcon, Casablanca, The Big Sleep and Key Largo.

Co-stars include Ingrid Bergman, Lauren Bacall, Edward G. Robinson and Lionel Barrymore.

And here's a classic trailer for The Big Sleep – they certainly don't make 'em like that anymore, and more's the pity!


Lord Peter Wimsey – Complete Series  

Ian Carmichael stars as the aristocratic detective Lord Peter Wimsey in this classic BBC adaptation of the novels by Dorothy L. Sayers. 


We may be alone, but we're together alone. In the meantime, we have time to catch up on the classics and box sets to binge on. You might also want to browse our box set price cut bonanza. See details below.


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