Natural Born Travellers – 16 documentaries on DVD to explore every corner of the planet

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Natural Born Travellers on DVD at Simply Home Entertainment

Explore every corner of the planet with expert guides including David Attenborough, Michael Palin, Joanna Lumley, Simon Reeve, Julia Bradbury, Michael Portillo and even funnymen Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon…

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Seven Worlds, One Planet

Narrated by David Attenborough

Millions of years ago incredible forces ripped apart the Earth’s crust creating our seven continents – each with its own distinct climate, its own distinct terrain and its own unique animal life. From the colourful paradise of South America to the scorching heat of Africa, this spectacular BBC documentary series showcases the true character of each continent in turn and reveals just how it has shaped all life there. This an eye-opening journey around a world you thought you knew, packed with iconic landscapes and unexpected stories.

“If the standard set by this opening episode is a benchmark, this will be the BBC’s most visually magnificent wildlife series yet” – Daily Mail



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Michael Palin’s New Europe

Having already travelled the four corners of the Earth in Full Circle, Sahara and Himalaya, and navigated his way from Pole to Pole and Around the World in 80 Days, the ex-Python turned intrepid adventurer explores 20 countries across Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe.

Michael starts his journey high in the Julian Alps on the border between Slovenia and Italy, before travelling through the Balkans, the Black Sea and the Baltic States, where he explores countries which may be newly formed but have rich and deep histories. By road, rail, river, sailboat and donkey through some of Eastern Europe’s most mouth-watering locations, from Albania in the south to Latvia in the north, Michael meets new Europe’s movers and shakers. And at every opportunity, Michael attempts to get off the beaten track.

“In typical Palin style it’s never less than fascinating, absorbing and richly entertaining.” – Daily Express


And, here's Michael talking about the series…


If you're a Michael Palin fan, you'll love our collection of all his comedies and documentaries


Best Walks with a View with Julia Bradbury

In this eight-part ITV series Julia Bradbury roams, on foot, from Dorset to the Dales and beyond across some of the most breathtaking landscapes in Britain's countryside to find accessible walks with terrific views. She begins her walk in north Wales where she heads out beside the Menai Straits overlooking Snowdonia.


The Cotswold Way

The Cotswold Way meanders for almost 105 miles from Chipping Campden to Bath, through some of the most magnificent scenery and picturesque towns and villages in England. This delightful film explores the Cotswolds by following this footpath, making a few diversions along the way, to reveal the area's history and unmatched beauty. It's an inspiring guide for anyone planning to walk all or part of the route.


Grand Tours of Scotland

Paul Murton explores the most fascinating parts of the country that have charmed visitors for more than 200 years, using a 19th century copy of Black’s Picturesque Guide to Scotland. He begins his journey exploring the romantic ideal, as he goes to the Trossachs, Iona and the Isle of Staffa.


The Trip

Quietly hilarious double bill of TV series following Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon’s UK and Italian gastronomic road trips and philosophical meanderings.

In The Trip (2010) they tour the north of England, sampling Lancashire, Yorkshire and the Lake District’s best restaurants and in The Trip to Italy (2014), they retrace the steps of the legendary Romantic poets Byron and Shelley – in both cases waxing comically lyrical and nonsensical throughout!


Great British Railway Journeys

Passionate about trains, Michael Portillo charts the great British romance with the railways as he retraces journeys that were first documented in the monthly railway guide, Bradshaw's Handbook.

Taking us on a wealth of fantastic journeys across the country he discovers what's changed and how our love of the railways all began. This 19 disc DVD set features all 95 episodes from the first four series of Great British Railway Journeys.

You'll find the collection of Michael Portillo's travel documentaries available on DVD here


Great Canal Journeys

Husband and wife, and veteran actors, Timothy West and Prunella Scales embark upon some of the best canal journeys Britain and Europe have to offer. It’s a gentle ride in excellent company, but from the start, in Series One, Timothy reflects on Pru’s increasing forgetfulness – how he sometimes feels he’s lost the woman he married. The series is simultaneous charming, entertaining and poignant.


Joanna Lumley’s India

Joanna Lumley takes an evocative journey around the country of her birth. During her exploration she meets unique characters, and learns how independence has made India such a vibrant nation. From Humayun’s tomb in Delhi, where her father proposed to her mother, to the majestic Ellora Caves in Maharashtra, these are the sites that shaped a nation – and Joanna’s history. As she retraces her family’s Indian roots, she discovers a nation full of beauty and diversity, and is moved by the warmth of the people who welcome her home.



Levison Wood Walks…

A collection of Channel 4 documentaries in which explorer and former paratrooper Levison Wood undertakes three extreme walking expeditions. In Walking the Nile Wood aims to become the first person to walk the length of the River Nile over the course of nine months. In Walking the Himalayas Wood sets out to walk the length of the Himalayas, from Afghanistan to Bhutan. In Walking the Americas Wood ventures 1800 miles from Mexico to Columbia.



Monty Don’s American Gardens

The celebrated British gardener and horticulturist visits fabulously impressive gardens in the USA, as he goes in search of the "definitive American garden".

While travelling all over the country, Monty visits community gardens in New York and historical gardens in the South before exploring the Arizona desert and vast West Coast. Treating himself to a very cool open-top car, he ends his trip by exploring some California dreaming gardens, including Barry Manilow’s glamorous former Palm Springs home and a spectacular LA property with a lush garden bought, allegedly, to make the owner’s Afghan hound happy.


Rick Stein’s Secret France

Rick Stein travels to France to prove how the nation’s gastronomic pull has never been stronger.

Some people think French cuisine is no longer among the best in the world. This globe-trotting chef sets out to discover if that’s the case. He embarks on a very personal road trip off the beaten track to talk to chefs, vineyard owners – and even those who came to visit and decided to stay. One thing is certain. Rick’s adventures, new friends and stories will ignite your curiosity, your need to travel… and your appetite.

"Rick Stein is the TV equivalent of a nap in a good armchair after a Sunday roast: necessary, peaceful, luxuriously exquisite and very slightly naughty." – Guardian



Six English Towns

A charming and informative foray into the history and architecture of the picturesque market towns of middle England. Architectural historian Alec Clifton-Taylor OBE presents a potted history and architectural study of six small English towns of great character. First broadcast on the BBC Two in 1978, the programmes now serve as a fascinating historical snapshot of the enduring character of each locale.


The Greek Islands with Julia Bradbury

Stunningly filmed travel documentary presented by Julia Bradbury, who explores the Greek Islands and delves into their histories and cultures while learning more about her own heritage. It’s the perfect response to dark days. The series opens with Julia visiting the island of Crete. She steps away from the tourist trail and head deep into its heart to explore the Dikti mountains and its striking plateau of windmills.


North America with Simon Reeve

Author and adventurer Simon Reeve embarks on another epic journey, this time across North America.

He finds a vast and varied continent, with glaciers, deserts and jungles, where great wealth exists alongside punishing poverty, political divisions and human drama. Simon takes in the grand beauty of the Rockies and the rugged splendour of America’s West Coast forests. He meets Montana cowboys facing an uncertain future and the indigenous peoples of Guatemala migrating north for a better life. As Simon basks under the Mexican sun and shivers in the Arctic, he tests the temperature of a truly fascinating continent.


Ireland with Ardal O’Hanlon

Comedian and actor Ardal O'Hanlon presents a charming documentaries series, as he ventures off the beatn track to explore Irish life and culture. The spirit of Father Ted hangs over this wryly amusing and perceptive exploration of the Irish character, as Ardal sets out to prove that not all his countrymen are "superstitious, God-fearing, whiskey-sodden, chancers".



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