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Newspapers and TV channels are overflowing with stories and programmes about the life of ‘People’s Princess’, to mark 20 years since she was tragically killed in a car crash inside the Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris, aged 36. Here, we turn the spotlight on her life amongst the stars.

It is universally known that Princess Diana loved cinema, music and the arts. Patron of many arts-related organisations, she was also a regular guest at film premieres, and attended the Cannes Film festival in 1987 (the dress she wore fetched £81K when it was auctioned!).

As the 20th anniversary of her tragic death looms, the media is once again filling up with revelatory stories of her life, marriage, divorce and relationships, we’re offering you something a little different. Here, we’re sharing the Princess’s encounters with our favourite film and music stars.


Diana hits the dancefloor with one of the world’s most desirable dance partners, Saturday Night Fever star John Travolta. This was on her first trip to the United States in 1985, and was the most memorable moment of the black-tie gala hosted by then President Ronald Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan.


Diana met Elizabeth Taylor during her stage debut at the premiere of Broadway production The Little Foxes. She met the Tony-nominated star backstage after the show.


Diana worked relentlessly for AIDS charities and was a patron of the National AIDS Trust. Diana attended a concert World AIDS Day at Wembley Arena in 1993, where she met some of the superstars, including David Bowie and George Michael.


An active patron of children’s charities, here Diana is pictured with the legendary operatic tenor Pavarotti during a charity concert in Modena to raise money for Bosnian children.


Diana attended the London premiere of Jurassic Park and met Steven Spielberg and two co-stars of the film Ariana Richards and Sam Neill.



Diana met singer and actress Barbra Streisand (her ex-husband Prince Charles is a huge fan of the superstar) at the premiere of The Price of Tides at Leicester Square in London, along with her co-star Nick Nolte.



At a glittering White House gala evening in 1985, Diana twirled around the dance floor with tough-guy tuxedo-clad Hollywood stars Clint Eastwood and Tom Sellek.



Diana charms comedian Rowan Atkinson at the 1984 Royal Variety Show

(Photo 10 – Sean Connery) – Bowed over by Sean Connery


Sean Connery met with Diana at the April 1990 premiere of his hit film The Hunt for Red October.


Diana, Cliff Richard and Virginia Wade attend the The Federation Cup opening ceremony in Nottingham in 1991.  The Princess and the singer were old friends and had skied together, on holiday in Austria.


Style icons Diana and Liza Minelli pictured together at the after-party of the premiere of the film Stepping Out. The two were good friends.


Both Diana and Prince Charles met the King of Pop backstage at Wembley during a concert in 1988.


'I have no recollection of what we danced to because all I could think was that I was dancing with the most beautiful princess in the world, ’ said Neil Diamond after meeting the Princess during a state dinner at the Whitehouse in 1985 (the same night she danced with Travolta).


Back when they were still a happy couple, Diana met Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman at the film premiere of Far and Away in Leicester Square in 1992.


Diana meets the stars of Apollo 13 including Tom Hanks, his wife Rita and director Ron Howard at the film’s premiere in 1995.

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