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Wild Animal Kingdom [DVD]
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Created from footage from the BBC Motion Library archive.Includes: Animal babies Why do pictures of young animals fascinate us so much? They are exciting, open and playful, like children. Whilst trying to mimic their adult models, they are also cute in their awkwardness. We root for them to survive the wiles of the earth and fulfil, via their lives, nature s designs in all its unending variety. 42 mins approx. Includes Capybara, Lion, Langur Monkey, Sea Otter, Lemur, Penguins, Polar Bear, Fox, Orangutan, Kangaroo Life In The New World The earth is thrilling place for the young. But chills as well as thrills await they first steps. Be it on land, in the air or under the sea, those same first steps inform their life-long understanding of the world. Life is exciting but full of danger and mother won t always be here to protect them. 42 mins approx. Includes Elephants, Orangutan, Sea Otter, Gazelle, Seahorse, Guillemots, Lion, Hippo, Gorilla, Adelie Penguin Wild Cats - Meow...these cats are true beasts of prey and rulers of their territories. The jaguar is the largest American beast of prey in the cat family, tigers are Asian loners and lions have been called the kings of the animals for as long as people can remember. The ocelot lives in the sub-tropical belt of the American continent and is an excellent swimmer, whilst the serval is able to dig up rodents from their dens. Feline beasts of prey have much in common with each other....as well as with your own cat. 42 mins approx. Includes Ocelot Amazon, Leopards - Asia + Africa, Tiger, Scottish Wildcat, Cheetah Masai Mara, Serval Ngorongoro, Jaguar South America Trees, Lynx + Bobcat North America, Caracal Jordan Valley, Lion Serengeti Ultimate Predators Instinct and experience are needed to raise animals. If the animals get into a situation where they feel threatened, they must be able to show their strength and use their top physical characteristics to survive. And woe to him who doesn t take care! Animals often attack to gain food or to prevent the assault of an enemy which was not scared off. Such an attack can be very dangerous for the intruder as well as the one which is attacked. 42 mins approx. Includes Army ants, Piranhas, Birds of Prey, Wild Dogs, Big Snakes, Big Cats, Bears, Crocodiles, Sharks, Killer Whales

Running Time: 168 minutes
Region: All Regions

Release Date: 4 Oct. 2010

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