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Doctor Finlay's Casebook: A Questionable Practice (DVD)
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Simply Media is delighted to announce the first ever Home Entertainment release of BBC's Dr. Finlay's Casebook A Questionable Practice: The Lost Classic, on DVD and available to download on Vimeo OD 14th April 2017. Believed lost forever from the BBC's archives, this piece of television history was miraculously recovered by Kaleidoscope and, at the request of our fans, made available to see again for the first time in over 50 years. The episode has been fully restored by the Doctor Who restoration team in time for the show's 55th anniversary this year.

Based on A. J. Cronin's semi-autobiographical novella Country Doctor, the much-loved and memorable, long-running drama series Dr. Finlay's Casebook was aired by the BBC between 1962 and 1971, and very soon after it premiered in 1962, it quickly became one of the cornerstones of BBC drama at the time, amassing around 12 million viewers during its first series. Unfortunately, many of its episodes remain missing, although Simply Media have released what remains of this TV landmark on DVD.

Set in the fictional Scottish town of Tannochbrae, the stories centre around the town's pre-NHS general medical practice, its residents, and the fascinating relationship between the young and forward thinking Dr. Finlay (Bill Simpson) and his traditional but highly pragmatic mentor and boss Dr. Cameron (Andrew Cruickshank). One of the most interesting aspects of the series was the ongoing friction between the two doctors and the disagreements they had. Finlay would propose new modern medical treatments to try, which Cameron would be sceptical of using on their patients, and the series looked at the consequences such treatment would have. The series is also remembered for not shying away from controversial issues at the time, such as abortion and poverty.

The tension between Finlay and Cameron reaches crisis point in this dramatic episode A Questionable Practice. Dr. Finlay is exhausted after a lengthy flu epidemic, but when he requests a holiday Dr. Cameron declares that a break from work is a sign of Finlay's questionable dedication to the profession. Argument ensues, and the long hours of running the doctor's surgery and managing the health and wellbeing of the village's challenging patients cause Finlay to consider his future....

This DVD also contains a fascinating promo where you can view the un-restored and restored versions of this television classic side-by-side, giving an excellent insight as to the vast improvements restoration work has made to this lost television gem.

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