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Changes to EU Import VAT from 1st July 2021

The EU’s low value import threshold, which previously allowed shipments of goods worth €22 or less to be imported into the EU without customs duty or VAT, has now been abolished.  Therefore, from 1st July 2021, import VAT is due on the importation of all goods into the EU. 

The new e-commerce rules make major changes to the EU VAT system and teething problems are expected with the IT infrastructure, both for registration and customs clearance. While some countries’ registration portals are already open, a number of member states, including the Netherlands and Germany, have informed the EU that their online systems will not be fully ready for 1 July 2021.

For UK traders, the impact of the new rules will be different for traders who supply to consumers in the EU from Great Britain (GB), which is now outside the EU, and those that trade under the Northern Ireland protocol. 

Therefore, please be advised by purchasing goods from from EU countries, any deliveries may be subject to additional delays in clearing customs, and equally an additional import VAT maybe payable to receipt your goods within the territory in which you reside.







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