Win 1990 Series 1 & Series 2 starring Edward Woodward on DVD


1990, starring Edward Woodward, was broadcast in 1977 and never before released on DVD until now…

Set in a totalitarian Britain, the critically acclaimed drama series, 1990, feels disturbingly relevant in today’s world.

Jim Kyle (Edward Woodward), journalist for The Star, resists the forces of the Establishment. He’s smart, witty and charming. But his subversive acts aren’t going unnoticed, and he risks prison or death…

Series One and Series Two were first broadcast on BBC TWO in 1977 and 1978 to critical acclaim. You can win Series 1 and Series 2 by answering the question below.

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In the popular 70s TV show 1990, what was the name of the newspaper that journalist Jim Kyle worked for?

The Daily Heil
The Dependent
The Star
The National Observer

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