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Al Capone And Life As A Made Man [DVD]
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Now here s an offer you can t refuse. This fascinating collection of programmes offers the viewer a detailed look into Al Capone s world, as well as that of the Cosa Nostra: the Mafia. Hollywood has been responsible, in no small part, for romanticising the world of organised crime, so that after watching gangsters on-screen one could be forgiven for believing the Mob was populated only with good-looking, charismatic anti-heroes. And while gangster films do portray some violence, the reality was far more horrifying. The main players in the Mafia were ruthless murderers, with no regard for the rules of society that most people chose to abide by. This captivating figure from US history is examined from multiple angles, from his long-standing battle with his arch-enemy, U.S. Treasury Agent Eliot Ness, to his influence on the city he ruled so ruthlessly. Also featuring a comprehensive guide to the Mafia, these programmes shed light on a man, a time and a way of life that may seem familiar from the movies, but which become even more intriguing the deeper you dig.

Running Time: 270 minutes
Region: All Regions

Release Date: 10 Jun. 2013

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