All At Sea - TV Series (2010) [DVD] - as seen on ITV 1.CoverImg

All At Sea - TV Series (2010) [DVD] - as seen on ITV 1
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Six celebrities take on the challenge of navigating along the beautiful British coastline. Will they find their sea legs? And, will they get along? A charming documentary series following a group of well-known TV personalities embarking on a sailing tour along the beautiful south coast of England. Mark Durden-Smith, Nick Hancock, Richard Madeley, Dawn Porter, Rosemary Shrager, and Bradley Walsh split into two groups before making the journey from Cornwall to Kent, stopping off to see the sights along the way. The groups make their trip in a variety of different vessels, from a luxury yacht to a 1930s motor torpedo boat and a pirate ship to a fishing trawler. On each stage of the journey one group travels in luxury whilst the other roughs it in a working vessel. Guided by each vessels crew, they learn how to sail the boats and take in the hidden gems of the English coast, which can only be appreciated from the sea. The crew share their knowledge, and personal stories, of the various stretches of coastline they navigate along, hoping that their enthusiasm will rub off on their fellow travelers! The three stages are: Cornwall to Devon, Dorset to Hampshire, and East Sussex to London. There is good-natured banter and friendly rivalry as well as laughs and stories along the way as the celebrities are taken out of the comfort of a TV studio and sent out to the open sea with only each other for company. Will they survive at sea and, equally importantly, can they stomach each other?

Running Time: 180 minutes
Region: Region 2

Release Date: 30/07/2012

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