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Assassinations that changed the World [DVD]
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One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. They are the tragic stories at the heart of some of history's defining moments. Tales of hatred and obsession, fanaticism and a burning desire to achieve fame at the cost of another s life. This extraordinary DVD takes the viewer on a fascinating journey through history to examine the famous assassinations and assassination attempts that have left their mark on the world. Trace the incredible events following the murder of Emperor Ferdinand, which led to the outbreak of World War I. See how India lost three leaders in a century including Mohandas Gandhi to religious fanatics who disagreed with the political policies of the nation. Explore the tragic story of Yitzhak Rabin, killed by a law student in an attempt to halt the Middle East process and consider how history might have been different had some of these incidents ended differently.

Running Time: 180 minutes
Region: All Regions

Release Date: 27 Aug. 2012

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