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Classic British Steam - Compendium Gift Set (DVD)
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THE STORY OF STEAM ON DVD, This informative overview of the development of the steam engine brings vividly to life The Story of Steam from the early pioneering days of Trevithick and Stephenson right up to today's preserved railways. Using a unique blend of newsreel, archive film and contemporary action this programme traces the development of the great steam engines from 'Rocket' to 'Evening Star'. We also visit some remote parts of the world, including Cuba and China, where steam locomotives can still be seen hard at work in the 21st Century. In short, this comprehensive DVD is a must-watch for anyone with steam in their veins. FULLY ILLUSTRATED COMPENDIUM REVEALING THE ACTION-PACKED LIFE OF FLYING SCOTSMAN From drawing board to preservation, this is the complete story of arguably the most famous steam locomotive in the world. Built in Doncaster in 1923, FLYING SCOTSMAN quickly achieved record after record. In 1928, No. 4472 became the first steam engine to travel non-stop between London and Edinburgh and in 1934, she was the first steam locomotive to officially be recorded travelling quicker than 100mph. FLYING SCOTSMAN is also the only steam engine to have circumnavigated the globe having toured America in 1969 and Australia in 1988. Despite these achievements, the locomotive s future has often hung in the balance and a number of last minute rescues were needed to save her from an uncertain fate. This compendium is beautifully illustrated with previously unseen photographs and tells the incredible story of this magnificent machine

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Release Date: 15 Oct. 2012

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