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Death in Snow and Sand (Great Tank Battles of World War 2) [DVD]
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The third episode opens with General Erwin Rommel's second offensive in North Africa. The following summer, the German offensive at Kharkov pushes past the River Don towards the Volga and the destination for Germany's first defeat - Stalingrad. In North Africa, the 'Desert Fox' is doing battle with the 'Desert Rats' - it is the Deutsche Afrika Korps led by Field Marshal Rommel against Montgomery's 8th Army. In the Second Battle of El Alamein, the Germans are finally driven 2,400 km into Tunisia - a major Allied victory showing that the British ineffectual tank, The Matilda II, could hold its own. In Stalingrad, the Soviets mount a massive counter-offensive, sending forward mom than 500 T-34 tanks, completely annihilating the XLVIII Panzer Korps. Back in North Africa, General Dwight D. Eisenhower comes in from the west, ensuring victory for the Allied forces in the Battle for Tunisia. The German counter-attack at Kursk, at that time, became the biggest tank battle ever, involving more than 6,000 tanks, 2 million troops and 4,000 aircraft - and it was on this occasion the Germans launched the new powerful Tiger and Panther Panzers.

Running Time: 53 minutes
Region: Region 2

Release Date: 31 Mar. 2014

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