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Documentary Feature -Flashpoint Berlin 1957-1963 (DVD)
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In the late 1950s and early 1960s, ITN filmed a series of news items abroad called 'Roving Report'; most have neverbeen seen since their initial broadcast. This collection brings together seven films reporting from Berlin andGermany at the height of the Cold War Crisis. A divided city and nation at the frontline, tensions were high as hugecontrasts in living standards developed, culminating with the construction of the infamous Berlin Wall - this isROVING REPORT : FLASHPOINT BERLIN 1957 - 1963.Cost of Living Germany (1957, 18 mins)A look at the costs of goods and services in Germany and what impact the strong finances of the country were having on its citizens.With interviews with leading members of congress, this is a fascinating study of a country rebuilding and growing.Berlin Today (1957, 25 mins)Tensions between East and West had reached new heights; the so called Berlin Air Lift and workers demonstrations had left the cityon the brink of chaos. This film studies life in Berlin and the increasing difficulty in moving between the East and West sectors. Withinterviews of local students from all over the city, we learn about the unique challenges people faced.How Many Germanies (1959, 18 mins)With foreign dignitaries meeting to discuss the fate of Germany, this report looks at the prospects of a reunited Germany, and asks didthe citizens even want to become one again? With interviews from refugee camps and ministers, this film looks at the very humanimpact of the division.East Germany Now (1960, 14 mins)Made from footage shot within East Germany by an Austrian cameraman, this film gives a unique glimpse into the everyday lives forworkers within East Germany. Lives were hard, with long hours and low pay and people were bombarded by Socialist propaganda atevery turn. We also hear from refugees trying to flee to the more affluent West.The Divided City (1961, 15 mins)In Berlin the border between East and West became a more and more tightly controlled military zone, affecting the people of the cityin every aspect of their daily lives. Comparing and contrasting the two sides, this film shows the differing efforts and ambitions of thehugely different sectors.Crisis In Berlin (1961, 14 mins)The Berlin crisis entered a new, even more tumultuous period, as the East and West became physically divided by concrete roadblocks and barbed wire. In a so called Final solution , tanks and armed guards patrolled the whole border and tensions were high.This film looks at the impact of the divide and the futile hopes that it would be only around for the short term.The Spy Catchers (1963, 14 mins)With the East/West divide fully entrenched, both sides were overcome and fear and paranoia. It wasn t long before the murky worldof espionage become prevalent in the city. This film looks at the ongoing efforts to catch the Eastern spies and demonstrates some ofthe techniques used in the day.TOTAL RUNNING TIME - 117 Mins.

Running Time: 117 minutes
Region: All Regions

Release Date: 28 Mar. 2011

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