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Full Metal Jousting [DVD]
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Nerves of steel...essential! Medieval goes modern when a maverick group compete for top honours in the most dangerous sport in history: jousting. It's as it was 500 years ago with a 21st century twist in which old armour is replaced by high-tech, Iron Man-like suits. In Full Metal Jousting, veteran jousters train a group of amateurs; each episode features preparations, culminating in a series of jousts. When two men and two horses charge and collide at 30 miles per hour, competitors are knocked from horses, often breaking bones. Every tournament is a test of skill and strength that requires nerves of steel. May the best man win. Brutal yet skilled, each episodes ends in an edge-of-the-seat contest.

Running Time: 450 minutes
Region: All Regions

Release Date: 11 Mar. 2013

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