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Hidden Cities: Asia [DVD]
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What secrets lie beneath the most exciting cities of the East? Join the enthusiastic and adventurous Anthony Morse as he journeys through the Far East, discovering some of the many hidden, secret and exciting sights that typically elude the average tourist. In fact, many of the places he visits are unknown even to the residents of the cities themselves, such as an underground complex situated just metres below one of Beijing's hippest districts! As well as the Chinese capital, Anthony also travels through Indonesia, Malaysia and Taiwan, visiting places seemingly lost in time such as forgotten fortresses, abandoned military outposts, networks of tunnels, underground tombs and even the ruins of a prison situated in the midst of a dense island jungle, in the place that became known as Malaysia's Alcatraz'. Anthony's energy and passion for discovery drives this series forward, revealing many new and fascinating features of a part of the world that many of us may think we already know. But these places certainly aren't in the guide books! ¢ A brilliant and original mix of travel and history programming should appeal to a wide audience. ¢ Series shows advanced CGI and 3D modelling techniques used to map and chart ancient systems and structures, as well as more action-oriented sequences featuring Anthony exploring underground tombs, tunnels, etc. ¢ Features unprecedented access to some of the Far East's least-seen treasures, including a close look inside Beijing's oldest mosque.

Running Time: 180 minutes
Region: All Regions

Release Date: 24 Oct. 2011

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