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In The Midst Of The Battle - A Nation Rebuilds [DVD]
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WHY VIETNAM This programme explains the 'wheres and whys' for an American public desperate to understand the conflict in Vietnam and their participation in it. It places the war within the other great battles in history, what the catalysts were and how America became involved and hoped to accomplish. PROGRESS TO PEACE Narrated by Raymond Burr, this documentary analyses the withdrawal of US troops from Vietnam and the slow but vital process of the South Vietnamese taking control of their country. Self-government, self-defence and self-development are the keys points promoted as a nation attempts to dust off the destruction of war. THE UNIQUE WAR The Vietnam War provided US troops with a battle zone unfamiliar for many reasons. The lack of a defined front line, the jungle conditions and an enemy proficient in guerrilla warfare were new foes which had to be overcome in order to survive. There were also non-military differences than those conditions experienced in previous wars, as US troops embarked on a large scale operation to support the South Vietnamese people and an all encompassing civil action plan.

Running Time: 85 minutes
Region: Region 2
Subtitles: None
Release Date: 2 Nov. 2009

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