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Indian Days - A Journey To The Blackfoot Tribe [DVD]
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Two views one earth. The Ultimate Culture shock of the conquest of the West. In the footsteps of pioneers, and to meet the tribe of Blackfeet Plains Indians, Jules Verne Adventures team explores the heart of a major culture shock: the conquest of the West. On the massacre on the banks of a stream in Montan, the Marias river in 1870, forgotten by history books, this story was born, guided by a descendent of the three surviving Blackfeet Darrell Kipp. This tragedy was not the only one of what were called the Indian Wars that raged in the West and whose summit was the Battle of Little Bighorn where Custer and two hundred horsemen were decimated by three thousand Sioux and Cheyenne in 1876. On the trail of more sensitive culture shock was the Indian wars of the conquest of the Amercian West, through the fabulous sites of Montana and Wyoming, the myth of the West takes us to meet Buffalo Bill, Sitting Bull and General Custer at the beautiful Glacier Park. Destination Browning the capital of the Blakfeet reservation in northeastern Montan, the heart of a tradition more flamboyant than ever. The Indian Days encompassed more the 8,000 indians of all tribes of the plains (Sioux, Cheyenne, Gros Ventre, Crow....) invited by the Blackfeet. Beyond the Pow Wow and traditional songs, the exuberant nature of Glacier Park, representatives of the Blackfeet tribe and finally engaged with their voices and tell their heart, history and fate of North American Indians. Silent Enemy Synopsis Shot as a silent film with a sound prologue by Chief Yellow Robe. The Chief calmly states that our civilisation is ending his people s way of life and that soon we will be no more . Stunningly photographed, the film portrays the noble savage in all his glory, going about his everyday life in the never ending battle with the Silent Enemy (hunger).

Running Time: 172 minutes
Region: Region 2

Release Date: 1 Nov. 2010

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