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A brilliant 3 DVD box set containing 'At Risk', 'the Front' and 'Carnal Innocence'. At Risk - Patricia Cornwell Andie MacDowell stars as a tough, driven and hard-working district attorney, who's planning to run for governor. As a showcase she's planning to use a new crime initiative called At Risk. She's been looking for a way to employ cutting-edge DNA technology, and she thinks she's found the perfect subject in an unsolved 20 year murder. Her investigator is not so sure but before he can open his mouth, a shocking act of violence shakes up not only their lives but of those around them. The Front - Patricia Cornwell Andie MacDowell returns as DA Monique Lamont for another tense crime drama. Attempting to generate much-needed publicity for her flagging political aspirations, Lamont orders Garano to reopen the investigation of the brutal, decades old murder of a young blond woman. Her boyfriend was the main suspect, but Lamont has another suspect in mind - the Boston strangler. Garano must work closely with a no-nonsense and combative female detective named Stump to unpeel layer upon layer of the 40 year old crime. Carnal Innocence - Nora Roberts Burned out by a whirlwind career and a failed relationship, world-famous concert violinist Caroline Waverly arrives in Innocence, looking for a little peace and quiet, but tensions and accusations grow daily as the mutilated corpses of two beautiful local women are discovered. Innocence does offer Caroline a distraction, the charming Tucker Longstreet. The cool and reserved Caroline feels a thrill at his advances, but when she discovers a third murder victim, her summer liaison threatens to become as tangled as everything else in her life: Tucker is the leading suspect in the killings. Ideal for: With thrilling plots, this DVD set is sure to appeal to fans of Patricia Cornwell's work. Running time approximately: 4 hours 30 minutes Rated: 15

Region: Region 2

Release Date: N/A

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