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Macao [1952] (DVD)
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Lying just off the coast of China, the exotic island of Macao is one of the most dangerous and corrupt places in the world. A haven for gamblers, smugglers, fugitives and killers, it s a place where everything and everyone has a price. On a morning like any other morning on Macao, three strangers arrive in port - fugitive drifter Nick Cochran (Robert Mitchum), jaded nightclub singer Julie Benson (Jane Russell) and international salesman Lawrence Trumble (William Bendix). But on Macao no one may be who they say they are. One of the new arrivals is an undercover police officer. Now big time casino owner and racketeer Vincent Halloran ( Brad Dexter ) must find out who and fast. He s already killed one cop, a fortune in contraband is missing and he s beginning to feel the Macao heat...

Running Time: 81 minutes
Region: All Regions

Release Date: 26 Mar. 2012

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