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Martin Clunes - Man to Manta - As Seen on ITV1 [DVD]
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For over ten years BAFTA award-winning Martin Clunes has escaped from the world of acting by SCUBA diving under the sea in the Maldives. A qualified diver he has, like most divers, become addicted to the silent parallel universe he finds there; with its absurdly vivid colours, and its strangely alien inhabitants. But one resident of these warm, blue waters has so far eluded him the reef manta; one of evolution s true masterpieces and yet still a creature we know virtually nothing about. If he s lucky he will not only see one, he ll watch and swim with dozens at the same time. Weighing as much as 5000lb, and with a wingspan of up to 25ft, it will be an extended intimate encounter with one of the most iconic species on the planet. Locked in a surreal blue ballet Martin comes closer to these gentle giants than he d ever imagined possible; moved by their trust and intrigued by the many mysteries which still surround their lives.

Running Time: 45 minutes
Region: Region 2

Release Date: 22/04/2013

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