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Narrow Escapes of WWII (DVD)
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Narrow Escapes of World War II tells the real stories of courageous and deadly fights against impossible odds. The extraordinary stories of heroes; men who stand up and fight when everything seems lost. Those brilliant generals, ferocious warriors and individual acts of courage that can turn the tide in a war, and whose stories can still be told as shining examples of bravery and courage. This series combines eyewitness and expert testimony with specially shot material, dramatic reconstruction and archive much of it previously unseen. Episodes Include: The Amiens Raid, The Doolittle Raid, Wingate & The Chindits, The Black Battalion, Lucky Laycock s Escape From Crete, Manstein s Retreat, The Siege Of Kohima

Running Time: 350 minutes
Region: Region 2

Release Date: 23 Sept. 2013

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