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Sonic Underground - The Complete Series [DVD]
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In this series we find that Sonic and his orphan siblings, Sonia and Manic are actually royalty. Their mother is a Queen! When the triplets were born their mother, received news of a prophecy; 'if you do not abandon your children, they will die'. So, she gave up her children to save their lives. Shortly after abandoning them, Doctor Robotnik attempts to kill the Queen, and eventually takes over her castle and Kingdom, forcing her to flee. Years later, having grown up in an orphanage, the triplets learn that the retro kingdom was not always in the war ravaged state that it is in, and that their mother was previously Queen. They all agree that it is their duty to find her and reinstate the kingdom of Mobius to its former glory. Meanwhile Doctor Robotnik becomes aware of the triplets quest to find their mother and re-establish the kingdom. Through fear of being overthrown from his rule of Mobius, Robotnik, along with his bumbling bounty hunter sidekicks, Sleet and Dingo, begin to chase the three children and make their lives and their quest difficult! Helping them in their fight against Robotnik, the triplets have powerful medallions that not only change into musical instruments but also into weapons when the triplets are in perfect harmony with each other. Sonic's medallion is an electric guitar/gun, Sonia's medallion is a keyboard/gun, Manic's medallion is a drumset/earth controller/gun. The three use the amulets not only to fight Robotnik s forces and to forefil their quest but as instruments for their rock band; Sonic Underground .

Running Time: 891 minutes
Region: All Regions

Release Date: 9 Jun. 2008

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