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Taggart - Taste of Money [DVD]
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Caustic restaurant critic Barry Secord is found murdered in his kitchen. It seems a burglar spotted fleeing from the writers apartment with a flat-screen TV has been disturbed and has panicked. But as the team uncover the journalists last big story, an exposá of hellish kitchens and vaporising investment funds, his death begins to look like part of a conspiracy that reaches beyond the world of petty thieves and fine dining. It seems there is no shortage of candidates who would be delighted to see the demise of a troublesome food critic and when Secord is revealed to have a double life the list of suspects lengthens. When the robber is caught it quickly becomes difficult to believe that he is capable of such a killing. A local chef and ex-con becomes a suspect, but when another chef, Rob Cade is reported missing having beaten up his wife, suspicions fall on him. Before he ran off he left a damning review of his establishment by Barry Secord pinned to the office wall with a lethal looking knife. However the team are thrown when Cade turns up dead in a cottage out of town. He appears to have been murdered by the same killer. Eventually inquiries lead the team to a corrupt investment finance house in Edinburgh. Secords big story was to expose the company for preying on talented success stories like chefs, footballers, and local celebs and unburdening them of their new found wealth. The company is about to secure a contract to front a bid from a huge American gambling concern to build a mega casino next to the Clyde. It turns out they have taken drastic steps to silence anyone who might make trouble for them.

Running Time: 69 minutes
Region: Region 2

Release Date: 25 Oct. 2010

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