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The Chance Vought F4U Corsair - Thunder from the Skies(American War Eagles Series) [DVD]
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The F4U Corsair is regarded by many as one of the greatest combat aircraft in history, and was in production for longer than any U.S. fighter other than the F4 Phantom. As conceived, it mounted the most powerful engine and biggest propeller of any fighter in existence, and the prototype was the first U.S. combat aircraft to exceed 400mph. Early on, the Corsair proved too dangerous for carrier-based operation. The extended nose caused visibility problems, making take-offs and landings difficult for the pilots, and the undercarriage had a tendency to break. Also, the aircraft bounced alarmingly on landing, and as a result the U.S. Navy rejected it for carrier operations. It was provided instead to the British Fleet Air Arm under Lend-Lease. The British persevered with the Corsair, despite its problems, and the pilots quickly learned to cope with the aircraft's idiosyncrasies. The U.S. Navy finally adopted the F4U as a shipboard fighter-bomber in 1944 and by early 1945 large numbers were operating from the fast carriers of the Pacific Fleet. By the end of hostilities in the Pacific War, it had established a kill ratio of 11:1 against Japanese aircraft. It continued in service and new versions were developed. It was used extensively in the Korean War, and production continued until December 1952, by which time 12,571 had been built.

Running Time: 52 minutes
Region: Region 2

Release Date: 31 Mar. 2014

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