The Mr. Men Show - ADVENTURE Plus Seven Other Fun-tastic Stories [DVD].CoverImg

The Mr. Men Show - ADVENTURE Plus Seven Other Fun-tastic Stories [DVD]
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8 FUN-TASTIC stories are included on this DVD: Adventure - Mr. Bump falls for bungee jumping; Mr. Stubborn leads a potholing expedition; Little Miss Helpful's safari trip guarantees a thrilling, heart pounding, action-packed adventure for Mr. Grumpy. Boats - Little Miss Whoops shows off her sea legs to a less-than-impressed Mr. Quiet; Mr. Lazy discovers new lands aboard Mr. Scatterbrain's singing boat; Mr. Happy's synchronized swimming turns silly on the deck of the S.S. Dillydale. Camping - Mr. Stubborn reinvents the tent assembling process; a chatty Little Miss Chatterbox fouls up the search for the Horn-thrusted Red Spangler; some curious creatures have a field day with Mr. Grumpy's camping gear. Wildlife - Mr. Bump falls prey during Mr. Noisy's wild life photographic hunt; Little Miss Calamity's fuzzy slippers take a walk on the wildside; a skunk stinks up Mr. Pernickety's hike. Construction - Little Miss Whoops practices her whacking skills with a wrecking ball; Mr. Nervous rises to the occasion while building a skyscraper; Mr. Bump builds a barn and has the bump to prove it. Games - Mr. Scatterbrain wins a horseshoe game by a horse; Mr. Nervous loses himself in a maze; the Dillydale Badminton Championship serves a few hits to Mr. Bump. Cooking - Little Miss Naughty cooks up more than dinner for Mr. Quiet and Mr. Grumpy; Mr. Pernickety's cooking classes leaves him fried; there's no contest that Mr. Stubborn's chilli is the spiciest at The Dillydale Chilli Cook-off. The Dark - Mr. Bump bumps his way around Little Miss Helpful's unlit basement; Little Miss Scary scares up some late night T.V.; a live swamp creature cannot diminish Mr. Stubborn's streak of denial.

Running Time: 110 minutes
Region: All Regions

Release Date: 29 Sept. 2014

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