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Then & Now - London [DVD]
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We journey around London, one of the oldest and most historic cities in the world, on a Thames boat, the underground and by car comparing modernday vistas with how they were how they were over a hundred years ago. Using recent film as well as wonderfully fascinating film collected over the last century, we see how some places have remained untouched while others have seen huge changes. Marvel at how St Paul s Cathedral survived wartime bombing while buildings all around it were razed to the ground. See the changes that have taken place at Covent Garden since the fruit and vegetable trade moved out. Compare the traffic-jammed roads of today with the equally busy streets at the turn of the century. See how leisure and pleasure craft as well as commercial activity on the Thames have changed and admire the incredible developments that have happened in the Docklands area.

Region: Region 2

Release Date: 22 Nov. 2010

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