Tom and Jerry and Friends - Vol.2 [DVD + UV Copy] [2012].CoverImg

Tom and Jerry and Friends - Vol.2 [DVD + UV Copy] [2012]
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A collection of 14 episodes from Hanna-Barbera's animated cartoon series. The mischievous cat and mouse rivals, Tom and Jerry, continue their shenanigans as they try to outwit one another. Synopsis Jerry A quick-witted, audacious little mouse who lives in the house with Tom, Jerry can never seem to stop himself from teasing his feline nemesis. His greatest pleasure comes from thwarting Tom's every attempt to catch him. Tom An ordinary grey-and-white house cat of no great intelligence, Tom is driven by three goals: to eat, to sleep and to catch the mouse, Jerry, and eat him. Unfortunately, his plans are constantly stymied by the shrewd little rodent.

Running Time: 94 minutes
Region: Region 2

Release Date: 28/05/2012

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