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Warfile - The Viet Cong, A Deadly Enemy [DVD]
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KNOW YOUR ENEMY: THE VIET CONG The Viet Cong proved a more than adequate opponent to the technical might and sheer muscle power of the United States armed forces. Skilled in jungle and guerrilla warfare the VC held an advantage over their formidable enemy, local knowledge. This documentary consists of rare Viet Cong footage showing their movements during the war highlighting their combat tactics. P.O.W: A REPORT ON CAPTIVITY IN SOUTHEAST ASIA 1964 - 1973 For many US soldiers their tour of duty ended not with a flight home, injury or death but with capture and the terror of an unknown future. This film examines the plight of POWs during the Vietnam War with a look at the conditions of captivity, the various camps erected for holding of prisoners and the brave attempts to escape. CONTACT! Within days of arriving in Vietnam it became apparent to all new soldiers that this war was different to any fought previously. The enemy were skilled, ingenious and willing to die for their cause, a combination that amounts to a very formidable foe. Ambushes, booby-traps and trip wires were standard weapons in the VC s armoury and extremely effective ones.

Running Time: 65 minutes
Region: Region 2
Subtitles: None
Release Date: 2 Nov. 2009

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